Apple’s “Creativity Goes On”: Inspiring Creativity During Challenging Times


At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple launched its ‘Apple Creativity Goes On’ campaign, which was both powerful and inspiring. This campaign showcased the resilience of individuals across the globe who continued to harness their creativity through Apple’s products, even amidst the global crisis. With its innovative approach, Apple aimed to uplift and inspire its audience, reinforcing its status as a leader in both technology and creativity.


As the world grappled with lockdowns and restrictions, Apple faced the unique challenge of reimagining its Apple marketing campaigns to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Renowned for its in-person product launches and hands-on retail experiences, Apple had to creatively pivot and find new ways to engage with its audience during the lockdown, navigating through the uncertainty and anxiety of the times.

Objectives of the Campaign

Apple’s primary objectives for the “Creativity Goes On” campaign were:

  1. Message of Persistent Creativity: The campaign aimed to communicate to its audience that creativity endures despite adversity. Apple sought to inspire and reassure people that their creative spirit remained resilient during challenging times.
  2. Showcasing Apple’s Role: By highlighting how people used Apple products to entertain themselves, stay connected, and express their creativity while adhering to social distancing norms, Apple aimed to reinforce its brand’s relevance in facilitating innovation and connectivity.
  3. Establishing a Supportive Image: Beyond showcasing product functionality, the campaign aimed to position Apple as a reliable, encouraging, and supportive companion during difficult circumstances. Apple sought to be seen as a technology provider and a source of inspiration and assistance.
  4. Diverse Creative Activities: The campaign featured a series of quick clips depicting a wide range of creative activities, including collaborative work via FaceTime, artistic expression using Apple pencils and iPads, video and photo editing on MacBooks, adapting to remote work and learning, maintaining social connections through FaceTime, capturing videos and pictures, and enjoying content streaming.
  5. Emphasizing Adaptability: By showcasing individuals working, learning, and creating from home, the campaign highlighted the adaptability of Apple products to different aspects of life. This reinforced their versatility and utility in various scenarios.
  6. Positive Brand Perception: Overall, the campaign aimed to contribute to a positive brand perception by resonating with the audience’s emotions, providing a sense of normalcy, and positioning Apple as a brand that understands and supports its users during challenging times.

Target Audience

The ‘apple campaign’ for ‘Creativity Goes On’ was initially designed to focus on creatives, professionals, and individuals in the market for Apple products. Yet, given that 64% of Americans are Apple users, the campaign’s message of creativity resonated with a significantly broader audience.


The campaign’s core message, ‘Apple Creativity Goes On,’ was straightforward and powerful, emphasizing that human creativity is unstoppable despite challenges. The campaign’s narrative showcased how Apple products empower users to express their creativity, build connections, and contribute creatively to the world.

Channels Utilized

To effectively reach its target audience, Apple employed a multi-channel approach for the ‘Creativity Goes On’ campaign, leveraging the theme of creativity to connect with consumers.

  1. Video: The campaign’s centerpiece was a heartwarming film featuring ordinary people using Apple products for creative projects. The video was widely shared on social media and platforms like YouTube, generating significant visibility and engagement.
  2. Social Media: Apple’s social media channels played a crucial role in amplifying user-generated content related to the campaign. The hashtag #CreativityGoesOn further fueled the campaign’s organic reach and encouraged people to share their creative pursuits.
  3. Digital Storytelling: The Apple website hosted dedicated landing pages featuring inspiring stories of creators who used Apple products to fuel their creativity. These stories provided a deeper connection with the audience and showcased the versatility of Apple’s technology.
  4. Retail Displays: Apple stores worldwide adopted the “Creativity Goes On” theme, creating visually appealing displays that showcased different Apple products tailored to various creative pursuits. This campaign integration in physical retail spaces reinforced the brand’s message and provided a cohesive brand experience.


The execution of the “Creativity Goes On” campaign was characterized by several key elements:

  1. Authenticity: The campaign focused on real people and their genuine stories, resonating with audiences more personally than traditional advertising. This authenticity helped establish an emotional connection with viewers.
  2. Emotional Connection: The campaign aimed to evoke positive emotions by celebrating human resilience and the power of creativity to uplift and inspire. Apple created a sense of unity and hope during challenging times by showcasing ordinary individuals and their creative pursuits.
  3. Timeliness: Launched at the height of the pandemic, the campaign addressed the specific needs and anxieties of the moment. It provided a much-needed sense of normalcy and reassurance, reminding people that creativity can thrive even under challenging circumstances.
  4. Integration: The campaign seamlessly blended video content, social media engagement, website storytelling, and in-store experiences to create a unified message. This integration across multiple touchpoints ensured a consistent brand experience for consumers.


The ‘Creativity Goes On’ campaign achieved remarkable results, proving its effectiveness in engaging with the target audience and striking a chord with their emotions while underlining Apple’s commitment to creativity.

  1. Increased Brand Engagement: Social media mentions with the #CreativityGoesOn hashtag reached over 1 million, indicating widespread engagement and conversation surrounding the campaign.
  2. Positive Sentiment: The campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback for its uplifting message and relatable content. Viewers appreciated Apple’s efforts to inspire and support creativity during challenging times.
  3. Product Sales: Although sales figures aren’t directly attributed to the campaign, Apple experienced strong sales during the pandemic, suggesting that the marketing efforts and brand perception created by the campaign played a role in consumer purchasing decisions.

Key Lessons

The “Creativity Goes On” campaign offers valuable lessons for marketers:

  1. Purposeful Messaging: In times of crisis, brands can connect with audiences by providing hope and inspiration through their core values. By addressing people’s challenges and providing a positive message, brands can create a meaningful impact.
  2. Authenticity Matters: Consumers appreciate genuine stories and relatable content that resonates with their experiences. By portraying real people and their creative pursuits, brands can establish an emotional connection and create a sense of authenticity.
  3. Integration Across Channels: Creating a unified message across multiple touchpoints is crucial for a seamless and impactful brand experience. By utilizing various channels, brands can reach a wider audience and reinforce their message effectively.


Apple’s ‘apple commercial 2020’ for ‘Creativity Goes On’ triumphantly showcased the unyielding power of creativity and the resilience of individuals during challenging times. Apple touched its audience deeply emotionally through compelling storytelling, genuine content, strategic video advertisements, and a multi-channel approach. The campaign enhanced Apple’s brand relevance and positioned the company as a source of inspiration, support, and innovation. Apple reaffirmed its commitment to empowering individuals to pursue their passions, even in adversity, by celebrating creativity.


Q1: What was the objective of Apple’s “Creativity Goes On” campaign?

A1: The campaign’s primary objectives were to inspire and reassure people that creativity endures even in challenging times, showcase Apple’s role in facilitating innovation and connectivity, and establish Apple as a reliable and supportive companion.

Q2: Who was the target audience for the “Creativity Goes On” campaign?

A2: While initially designed for creatives and professionals, the campaign’s message of creativity resonated with a significantly broader audience, including Apple users.

Q3: What channels did Apple utilize for the campaign?

A3: Apple employed a multi-channel approach, utilizing video, social media, digital storytelling on the website, and retail displays in Apple stores to reach its target audience effectively.

Q4: What were the outcomes of the “Creativity Goes On” campaign?

A4: The campaign achieved increased brand engagement, received positive sentiment for its uplifting message, and potentially contributed to solid product sales during the pandemic.

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